My concritters the Tlilerese make use of smell a great deal. Their vision being closer to the infrared spectrum, much of the notion of color is not useful to them. They express a lot of their emotions with body odor, and I based a lot fo their "smell vocabulary" on their emotional vocabulary. Different things, especially living things, smell sad, agressive, scared, etc. In fact, mush of the vocabulary is loosely divided into two subcategories, one for emotional state asociated with the origin of the odor (this thing smell like-it's-sad) and another for the emotional state induced by the odor (this thing smells frightening).
  I didn't come up with anything like cardinal odors, I just invented specific words for things I figured creatures with a hightened sense of smell would notice. There's a word for rich soil, dry dusty soil, wet clay, various minerals (rocks are usually described according to smell, rather than appearance), all sorts of body fluids, various vegatable smells, meat smells, etc. There's very few generic words for smells, such as acidic, pungent, dank, etc. There is a kind of declension system for smell words, ranging from very faint to strong to almost painful. The word pt'eraa means "overwhelming odor of phosphorous" and pt'erra' means "very faint, fading odor of phosphorous". The root, pt'erre, is the noun for phosphorous, but should be understood as the mineral being named for it's smell, not vice versa.

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