Amusing thread. Most of the (mis)pronunciations have occurred to me at one
time or another.

Accustomed to pronouncing -h in Indonesian, I tend to do the same when it
occurs in ...VhC...; so
Sohlob > ['soh.lob]
Teonaht > ['teonaht] until I heard Sally pronounce it in her long-ago radio

Brithenig was ['brIT@nig] at first, then [brI'Tenig] with a strong tendency
to devoice that final /g/; now the horse's mouth (apologies to Andrew) tells
us it's [...'nig]...but why? wouldn't it have derived from [bri'tan.nicus]
or some such???

Then there are the first three words of David P's current sig---

> "A male love....*" --which always give me pause; it's somehow appropriate
> to the polymorphously perverse Mr. Morrison.

(*"A male love inevivi i'ala'i oku i ue pokulu'ume o heki a."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."
-Jim Morrison)