Responding to several:

Roger wrote:
Then there are the first three words of David P's current sig---
"A male love..."

There's actually a story behind that.  Since my new e-mail
program allows me to switch signatures so easily (and to
randomly select them), I decided to translate the sig I had
for Zhyler into Kamakawi.  I had most of the vocabulary
I needed, except "forgive".  After deciding to make it a
morphologically simplex root, I needed a form.  Every so
often I decide to make a pun or a joke when creating a
lexeme, so I decided to make "forgive" /love/ (pronounced
['lO.vE], not ['lVv]), simply because the romanized version
looks like the English word "love".

So then I started translating.  First, I needed the particle
that says the subject is new: /a/.  Then, since the whole
thing is in a kind of future tense, next would come the
future tense "marker", which is just the word for "later
on", which is /male/.  Then, since Kamakawi is VSO, the
verb comes next, and that's.../love/.  That's when I
realized what I'd done.  I was about to change it, but
for precisely this reason:

Roger wrote:
<< it's somehow appropriate to the polymorphously
perverse Mr. Morrison>>

I decided to keep it.  :)

Henrik wrote:
Do you also have a nice mispronunciation of Qthyn|gai? :-)

Indeed I do: [D&t kjuw leNgwIdZ]  ;)

Dirk wrote:
While Tepa (['t1Ba]) may have been simpler to pronounce, too many
people were led astray by the romanization and pronounced it
['t_hEpa], which really grated on me.

Ohhh...  Yeah.  I mean, yes, of course.  That's *exactly* how I've
always pronounced "Tepa".  Truly!

Muke wrote:
The ones that stick most in my mind, unable to be removed, are
probably /m{Ngl/ [Maggel], ABCD-an [Ebisedian], and Celine
Dion [Silindion].


Geoff wrote:
What about Xinkutlan?



[Sin.kut.'lAn]?  [noj.gwE.'xAl]?

"A male love inevivi i'ala'i oku i ue pokulu'ume o heki a."
"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison