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JS Bangs <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I nave a text in Costanice to share with the group. Costanice, if you
> recall, is the official language of Nea Illenicia, my country in IB,
> and the original spec called for "Castillian Greek"--Koine Greek
> developed to look like Spanish. For a translation I set out to do the
> book of Mark, or at least part of it, and the first chapter is
> finished. I feel like it fulfills its mission: it certainly *looks*
> similar to Spanish, but a closer reading will readily reveal it to be
> mostly Greek. Comments/observations welcome:
> Ten arje ton evangellos to Iesus Xristos Ios to Zeos: Zues sti
> grásanon en ten Ęseye profiede:
> "Eú, postelo to mú angelo pro to sú prosuebo,
> tudon o cadastévase te sú odo
> Fuene to cleyontos en ten erieme,
> "Etimaste ten odon to cirios,
> poyéd ozíos tos tú caminos."
> [...]

Welcome back, Jesse, we have been missing you!

And Costanice is a really, really great work.  Filtering a beautiful
language (Greek) through the sound changes of another beautiful
language (Castilian), you have created one of the most beautiful and
interesting conlangs I have ever seen.