David J. Peterson skrev:
> Benct wrote:
> <<
> So what do you make of:
> Sohlob
> Kejeb
> Kidilib
> Mærik
> Slvanjec
>  >>
> I only ever remember seeing three of these, and for those I have
> home pronunciations (we'll see how close I get):
> (1) Sohlob: Seen it a lot, and, again, because I like that coda [h],
> I tend to pronounce it ['soh.lob]--pretty much just like it looks.

Yes pretty much, tho it's actually [sQ'KQb_0].

> (2) Kejeb: This I would pronounce ['ke.jeb], but I know that can
> be trouble, as the "j" in my "Njaama" is actually [dZ].

[ki\'dz\i\b_0] or with [dZ] instead of [dz\].
The alternative romanization is _Kedjeb_.

> (3) Kidilib: This is the first time I've seen this, but I have a feeling
> that if I encountered it in the wild, I might pronounce it like
> ['kId.lIb].
> It'd probably be a bit before I saw that middle "i".  I'm actually
> paying attention to the spelling now, though, so I'd guess it'd
> be like it looks: ['ki.di.lib].

Spot on, except that in isolation the stress is final and the |b|

> (4) Mærik: I always kind of Englishly pronounced this ['m&.rIk].

Right, except the |æ| is [&:] for me.

> (I notice I tend to do a lot of initial stress...  I wonder why that
> is?)

Probably because that's the general English pattern.
Sohlob and dialects shamelessly follow the traditional
Swedish pattern of final stress in "foreign" words.

> (5) Slvanjec: Way off.  I always pronounce this like the word
> "Slavonic",
> though it should probably be something like [sl=.'va.JEk], right?


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