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> Gregory Gadow wrote:
>> I don't know which makes me the bigger geek: that I understood the joke
>> enough to find it funny, or that I found it in the first place.
>> Q: How many Lojbanists does it take to change a broken light bulb?
>> A: Two. One to decide what to change it in to, and one to figure out what
>> kind of bulb emits broken light.
> I understand but is there a reason in it for being lojbanists? I'd have
> understood if it had been "How many guys..."

I don't know how it happens in Francophone countries but here "How many [X kind
of people] does it take to change a lightbulb" is a common formula for jokes
poking fun at [X kind of people].

Without having [X kind of people] involved, some of the jokes may work, though
you lose the reason for making the joke in the first place.


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