On 4/14/05, Andreas Johansson <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Oh, and every body mispronounce these for me:
> Tairezazh


> Kesheáras


> Altaii


> Meghean

/'meg@n/ - I've actually seen someone spell the name "Meagan' this way

> U-Rakh U-Nayargiz-ung

/'?ur&k u'najargiz ?uN/

> Telendlest


> Searixina


> Kalini Sapak

/k@lini s&p&k/

> Steienzh


They'll have a big parade for every day that you stay clean
But when the trumpets fade, you'll go under like a submarine
And you won't see it coming,  no you won't see it coming

You could have it made up there in San Rafael
But baby I'm afraid i'll never see you well
because i've seen the tally
you're just going through the motions, baby