Brown Students,

       My name is Jonathan Herman and I am a sophomore here at Brown. I
am emailing you because I am in the process of organizing a kayaking
program for the entire University.  Essentially, I would like to set up
a program so

      1) Any person affiliated with the University who has gone through
our short training would be able to kayak on the Seekonk River (via the
Brown Boathouse) at any time in the day.

2) Use these kayaks for extended trips organized through the Brown
Outing Club.

       If we can get a program like this up and started I think it would
be really cool to have especially in light of the warming weather.

       If you would be interested in this program PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK
with your name as the subject so when I go back to pitch this program to
the administration, I can show that there are graduate students who are
also interested.

                   -Jon Herman