Hi folks!

So, in line with Connie's post, how *are* all of you after that long
winter? I do hope you're all getting out and enjoying these fine Spring
mornings. Hard to beat being out in the sun and air on days like
yesterday, especially compared to being shrouded inside a car.

I also wanted to mention that next week is national Bike to Work week,
and next Friday the 20th is Bike to Work Day. Of course,I encourage you
all to be sure to ride in to campus that day! And talk it up to your
friends; it's a great opportunity to be a gentle and humble advocate.

If any of you are in the mode of contemplating/learning about bike
commuting at this point, but not yet doing it, there is no better time
to start than now. We can help you plan a route, answer questions about
how to ride safely to campus, and maybe even come ride with you the
first time. Just post to the list, or write directly to me if you want
to stay a little more private ([log in to unmask]). You can call me
too, at 225-7558, anytime.

There is a big to-do down at Kennedy Plaza on the 20th from 7-10am, with
free commuter breakfast, some sort of swag (gifts), official speeches at
8am, and such. If anyone's interested in participating in a media photo
op, there is a group of Providence-area bike commuters riding from the
Providence train station to Kennedy plaza, departing the station at
7:30, and there will be media present. Let me know if any of you want to
ride down to that together or meet up there; I don't plan to go unless
any other Brown folks want to.

Take care,


> ----- Original Message from Connie Sadler -----
> This list is very quiet! I hope that doesn't mean that people
> haven't gotten the bikes tuned up yet. The East Bay Bike Path
> is beautiful!

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