James Cummings wrote:

> This is emacs with psgml, not tei-emacs.

Indeed, but the misunderstanding is easy to fall into if people haven't
followed the recent history of this material. For a long time "tei-emacs"
meant emacs plus psgml plus the TEI DTD file package plus a rather
hererogeneous but generally useful collection of TEI-specific samples and
documentation, all bundled up for convenient installation. Perhaps the newer
offering should be "re-branded" in some way to make it plain to everyone
that it is significantly different and very much worth examining.

Another problem I've encountered in trying to get people to have a go with
the nxml/P5alpha stuff is that they are worried it will mess up their
existing installation. That's where Sebastian's Knoppix bundle is so
valuable (though I don't know whether he's had the time to update it
recently.) All PC users have to know to use that is (a) how to make their
machine boot from a CD (b) how to make Knoppix to write to their
filespace -- provided they don't risk writing to an NTFS filesystem of
course. They can use the TEI-emacs Sebastian has put into Knoppix to work
with their existing files, and if they decide they don't like it, they can
just remove the CD and reboot into their usual OS.

Michael Beddow