Jon Noring wrote:

>[Native support for TEI-Lite (or some other defined subset of TEI) is
>being considered for the OpenReader format and for OpenReader user
I am not in a position right now to subscribe and get stuck into
serious discussion; but can I flag the suggestion that we
develop a _much_ tighter subset of the TEI than Lite for this
sort of purpose? There has been some discussion about "TEI Tight"
already (I am not sure where it has got to), and it would be good
to have a stable target.

I would expect, for instance, a Tight schema to have no flexibility
at all in the values for "rend" and "type" attributes, simplification of
simplified content models for <body> etc.  Whether one would
add syntactic sugar for readability, I am less sure (eg <oList> for
<list type="ordered">) - probably not.

As it stands, TEI Lite is a fairly serious pain to render easily
and unambiguously.

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