> > <num value="2500000000000000000">2.5 trillion</num>
> >
> > can we use the scientific notation to make it
> >
> > <num value="2.5E+18">2.5 trillion</num> instead ?
> Why wouldn't you? This seems a very good way of doing it. If you were
> worried you could explain your convention in the header.

I just worried if other people also use this convention or not,
does it recommended by TEI ?
(if not, I like to see it in the future release of TEI guideline :) )

> It is also, of course, the way around the US/UK difference in number
> terminology.

or may be ...

<xxx lang="en_US">trillion</xxx>
<xxx lang="en_GB">trillion</xxx>

hmm... way way overannotated ? :)