Don Harlow is right when he points out that the Ido stress rules are
straightforward compared to most national languages.  We would all agree
that the ideal for any rule in an IAL is that you have one single rule with
no exceptions.  In practice the 3 rules of Ido are very simple and easy to

As to Don's questions, I refer him to the answers given by Steve Walesch.
The rules are straightforward and there is no need to make them more
complicated than they are.  Anyone who makes the effort to learn Ido and
apply them will find they quickly become second nature, as well as producing
highly natural spoken forms.

On the question of double vowels, why dont we ask how the Dickens to
pronounce a word like Esp 'scii'.  Not just the double i, but what about the
consonant cluster [sts] ?!  I'll be damned if I can get my poor English
tongue around that one.

Kordiale, James Chandler
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