Hola everyone.  I've recently become enthralled by a computer "game".  It is
called Second Life and it is a massively multiplayer completely open ended
virtual reality simulation.  It has about 40K people on it from all over the
world.  Lest the language barrier be perpuated in the virtual world, I have
an idea.  Rather than retype it, here is the post that I put up on, the home of our discussion about Bliss.

"Hey guys,
I've recently become enthralled by a computer game, and I don't even like
computer games. The "game" is called Second Life, and it is a massively
multiplayer open ended virtual world. There are many visionaries who "play"
and one of the themes that they often mention is that this virtual utopia
might in some way have a positive effect on the real world. Indeed, some
would argue that it already has.

Due to it's open endedness and international audience, it might be just the
spot to try Bliss as an auxlang (eg international auxilliary language). Of
course, a major obstacle is how to input Bliss via a keyboard. The solution
is that you don't. Instead you would use an in-world version of the
ingenious mouse driven interface known as Dasher
( I've been in touch with
Dasher's creator, David MacKay, and he's already been thinking about a Bliss
Dasher. He sent me this link: .

I suspect that a mouse driven interface for inputting Bliss might be a great
resource for the field of AAC (augmentative and assitive communication). And
I also hope that a Bliss Dasher might find a potent home in Second Life. If
you haven't yet seen Second Life, there's a ten dollar lifetime membership
fee and a 7 day free trial. It's really quite an amazing place. Ask me,
[log in to unmask], for a referal as I get free virtual money that
would go to fund the production costs of my in world movie.

So, that's the latest version of my vision. Let me know what you think.
Matt Landau"

Anyhow, I've been a lurker on this list for some months, but I'd love to
start a conversation on these possibilites.
Matt Landau