Michael Farris wrote:

> For what it's worth,

Uh, oh.  Famous first words.

> I seem to recall reading that this is one of the
> most commonly changed roots among denaska speakers
> (from different language background), usually to
> sii,  as in mi sias, etc.

I think you're talking about the article called
"Nativization Processes in L1 Esperanto".  I forgot
the name of the student who did the study (Bergen?),
but it should be easy enough to find in Google or
Google scholar.

While this study has received much praise from
Esperantists/Linguists (quite often for having been
undertaken at all) some of its conclusions have been
questioned at the same time. There are also signs that
Bergen did not fully understand Esperanto (e.g. the
valid phrase "mi ne plu scias kio" was listed as an

I just called up to my five year old son and the
conversation went a little like this:

"Jonah, kiel oni diras 'I don't know' en Esperanto"

"Mi ne scias".

[Not sure whether he'd pronounced it clearly, I
asked again] "Kio"

"MI NE SSCIAASS... why are you asking?"



"Jes, fakte, temas pri lernanto."

I don't know what you'd think about that last line,
but every now and then I ask him for "help" with
correcting the Esperanto lessons I receive in e-mail.

At any rate, I know at least one "denaskulo" who
never had a problem with "scias", and even (in
contrast with the findings in that same article)
uses the accusative correctly.

BTW, as an interesting tie-in to a previous thread,
John McWhorter is listed as a reviewer of this
particular article.

Amike salutas,
Thomas/Tomaso ALEXANDER.
---Anything below this line is not from Thomas ---

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