On Tue, May 10, 2005 at 12:46:48AM +0100, Tim May wrote:
> Roger Mills wrote at 2005-05-07 03:10:20 (-0400)
>  > Some of you may recall that I offered to consult with a friend at
>  > Univ.Michigan (a native Tag. speaker/teacher), and I forwarded some
>  > of our musings to her, just before Christmas.  Due to Real Life,
>  > she took her time replying...and I've taken even longer getting
>  > around to mentioning this (very red face...)-- but I have the reply
>  > and two longish papers from her, which we hope will be
>  > illuminating.
>  >
>  > One is 80kb, the other is 49kb, both in .doc format (they open in
>  > MS Word on my computer). I'll forward these to any and all who
>  > ask. (The original discussers were principally Ray Brown, H.S.Teoh,
>  > me of course, and perhaps you, Carsten, and others?.
> I'd very much like to see these, but if someone can convert them to
> another format (perhaps pdf, html, or rtf) it'd make it easier for me
> to view them.  If that's not possible (depends on whether they have
> anything tricky in them, generally) never mind - I can probably handle
> the Word documents, it's just a little less convenient.

Don't bother with Yahoo! Files, I've posted the original Word docs and
also plain text versions (nicely formatted!) here:

I hope Prof. Naylor doesn't mind.


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