much thanks to everyone.

Metes is going back in the trash, and I'm going to start a language based on
a logic, rather than the copy-&-mutate of Metes.

again, gracias.

>Subject: Re: question - for organizing a long-delayed language - my US$0.02
>Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 16:40:36 -0000
> > no, not really....Metes was my attempt to make a
> > conlang purely (or almost purely) via mutation.
>Mutation from what?

from a PIE wordlist.

>Do you mean via usage?
> > >teq(m) = 10
> > >teu- _=_ to do, perform, show favor, revere .
> > >teu- _=_ to lack, to be wanting; to tire .
> > the Equals sign, indicates translation...a space-saving interlinear
> > [notation] that I grew up with
>And the underscores designate what?

a space between them  (because, to my eyes, some letters look like they have
a gap between them - even when there isn't a gap - and others look like
there's no gap, even when there is one).

> > >Next, in /teqm/, why is the /m/ in parentheses?  Is it because
>I echo the question about the /m/.

as I understand it, () indicate a letter that would be dropped under certain

ie, teqWeIq

> > >WeIq

> > but, and this is where I get puzzled, how does one
> > determine which one is indicated in a sentence.
>Perhaps by either retaining your method and adding a legend, or by
>adopting this alternative adding the appropriate verbiage?


(we'll see, at least).

>context", but at some point, examples are nice.

very true.