On 5/8/05, Roger Mills <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Is this because the dictionary is already quite large (+/- 5000 words, but
> fewer bases) and the language favors compounding/derivation, or am I just
> getting lazy? :-)

I personally like compounding and derivation, and Ayhan has maybe about 400 
words total right now. For instance, a sand dune is: ternagkomog, which 
means "sand hill" > terang - sand, komog - hill. Market is "matambiryay" 
from ma - place of, tambir - sell, -ay - collection of > literally "Selling 
places". A store is a matambir > a selling place. Bark (of a tree) is 
"samalibo" > "tree skin" from "sama" - tree, and "libo" - skin

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