Just to fuel our 2D discussion:

For the fun, I worked on something everybody should recognize which I
"translated" in an evolved version of the first exemple of 2D writing I
made. (This time, the stupid mailers shouldn't destroy my beautiful work.)  ;-)

Some explanations: Green means container (node) and red means content
(branch/leaf). (Blue is always abviously contained.) Any way, everything
should be quite clear.

I won't call it 2D right now but at least I think it's more than linear.
It's a "flat" version of my fractal writing. It's not space saving, it isn't
worth the trouble but I kinda like it.

Besides, all I can say is that pen and paper should be avoided in 2D --it's
pure masochism!-- and some powerful 2D-text editor has to be invented! I
spent more hours than I can count on this tiny stuff... <grin>

Remi Villatel
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