Ray Brown:
> Not entirely - the status of 'legal name' is surely different in different
> legal systems.

*nod* I live in CA, which has commonlaw namechange (as alias) as well,
for some uses. Need a judge's order for full namechange, though.

The difference to me is that "call" is simply for a handle - that is,
it's how one is addressed or referred to. "Name" implies that it is a
part of you, or defines you in some way.

> > Also, I would think that such a name should be chosen by oneself, not
> > one's parents.
> That's all very well for older kids & grown ups, but not so good for
> babies & youngsters. There would be times when their names need to be
> written, methinks.

They can have baby-names given by the parents. ;-)

> > FWIW, I am not now and have never been an IALer.
> That doesn't surprise me   ;)


 - Sai