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I'm not sure how in Tagalog you refer to the entire set of
> things... how do you translate "all"? In my conlang there were various
> articles for different things like "member of", "subset of", "entire set
> of", and so on, which corresponded rougly to "a/the", "some", "all".

All = lahát

Example in use:

"Ngayon, halos *lahat na* ng gatas--Progress Gold, Enfakid A+" - Now, nearly 
all milk-- Progress Gold, Enfakid A+

Ngayón, halos lahát na ng gatas --Progress Gold, Enfakid A+
now nearly all LINK NF milk Progress Gold, Enfakid A+

* NF = non-focus marker

Don't ask me for an analysis. Im just giving an example of usage :)

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