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 I'm not sure how in Tagalog you refer to the entire set of
things... how do you translate "all"? In my conlang there were various
articles for different things like "member of", "subset of", "entire set
of", and so on, which corresponded rougly to "a/the", "some", "all".

All =  lahát

Example in use:

"Ngayon, halos lahat na ng gatas--Progress Gold, Enfakid A+" - Now, nearly all milk-- Progress Gold, Enfakid A+

Ngayón,   halos   lahát   na     ng     gatas  --Progress Gold, Enfakid A+
now         nearly  all       LINK  NF    milk     Progress Gold, Enfakid A+

* NF = non-focus marker

Don't ask me for an analysis. Im just giving an example of usage :)

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