I've got a desire to create a very isolating language ("isolang"), but I've got some questions regarding them. I've noticed that the Sino-Tibetan group is always used as the standard, and that the characteristics listed are isolating, tonal, and mostly monosyllabic. I'm wondering how harmonic these characteristics are. I can see tonal and monosyllabic going together, since tones greatly increase the number of availables syllables, and thus words. But I can't see any reason why monosyllabism or tonalism would be an inherent tendency in isolangs in general. And I'd prefer if my lang didn't have tones (although I suppose I could live with two). So my questions are:

Are there many non-Sino-Tibetan isolangs? (I know English is one)
Are there many non-tonal isolangs?
Are there many isolangs that are not mostly monosylabic?
What kind of typology distributions (SVO/SOV/etc, Pr/Po, NA/AN, NG/GN) are ther in isolating langs?

It would be particularly nice if I could get a good-sized list of isolangs which listed, at the very least, their name, word-order typoloy, and family. I know one of the ambiguous things is the definition of "isolating" which is actually only part of a wide spectrum. Still, any help would be greatly appreciated.

My current ideas are:
Tentative name: G'nan
Morphology: Isolating
Typology: SOV/Po/GN/AN, with alternate SVO.
(Seriously consdiering making SVO the primary word order)


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