--- Caleb Hines <[log in to unmask]> schrieb:
> Are there many non-Sino-Tibetan isolangs? (I know
> English is one)

For an isolating language that isn't Sino-Tibetan, I
think Yoruba is a good example, though I know next to
nothing of that language.

> Are there many non-tonal isolangs?

English. Other than that, I don't know. Are you
looking for monosyllablic non-tonal isolangs?

> What kind of typology distributions (SVO/SOV/etc,
> Pr/Po, NA/AN, NG/GN) are ther in isolating langs?

As far as I know, pretty much anything goes. Most
isolangs I know prefer SVO, since the V keeps the S
and O apart without requiring particles. That's the
only thing I can think of.

> My current ideas are:
> Tentative name: G'nan
> Morphology: Isolating
> Typology: SOV/Po/GN/AN, with alternate SVO.
> (Seriously consdiering making SVO the primary word
> order)

How strange! I was working on a conlang called Gi-nin
for a while, until it 'evolved' into my current one,
Nm. Both were isolating, SOV and, so some degree, tonal!

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