Emaelivpeith H. S. Teoh:
> Also, some errata: 'maggelity' is named after Christophe Grandsire's
> conlang, Maggel, which sports an orthography that has a completely
> counterintuitive correspondence with actual pronunciation. I think the
> original word was an adjective, maggelitous or maggelitinous. (I may
> have coined the latter. :-P)
> IIRC, Etabnannery was also named after someone's conlang, but I forgot
> whose.

I link to the historical documents:

It looks like Muke coined the original terms and Tristan defined them thusly:

Maggelity /m@gE:lIti/ (noun) The state of being entirely
unpredictable. [from _Maggel_ a constructed language by Christophe
Grandsire, which had an unpredictable orthography +_ity_]

Etabnannery /r@mn{n@ri/ (noun) The state of appearing entirely
unpredictable, but, upon closer analysis, failing at even being that.
[from _Etábnanni_ a constructed language by Tristan McLeay, which was
*supposed* to have an unpredictable orthography, but ended up just
having a confusing one. Damn people trying to make patterns
everywhere. At least it's a bugger to typeset!... err... back to the
derivation +_ery_]


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