paul-bennett writes:

>I get the oddest looks when I describe Jungle
or D&B as smooth and
>relaxing, to say nothing of how I like to chill
out to a decent bit of
>Gabber. I think there's a fundamental
difference in brain wiring
>between people who find interesting rhythms
interesting and those who
>are repulsed by them.

Reading that great
word "gabber" reminds me of the Bargoens origin
of the word. (How well-
known is Bargoens on this list? Bargoens
(/bAR\'Xuns/) is a Dutch
thieves' cant which imported a lot of words
from Hebrew and Yiddish.
Many words from Bargoens are nowadays
used in slang Dutch)

I greatly
enjoy Bargoens and googling around, came across the
following link,
which I wanted to share: