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>> Subject: [if_lce_fr] Cacophonie dans l’Union européenne
>> Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 19:28:21 +0200
>> *** Cacophonie dans l’Union européenne
>> (MFB - 21/06/2005)
>> Cacophonie dans l'Union européenne
As I understand this is a translation from (guess! English) if I have 
understood the French right. And yes, if there are 21 member states and 
everyone wants to use its official language then there will be a lot of 
languages around. Earlier the same ammount of translations were being 
made but dispersed through Europe. Say that a country has got something 
to tell Sweden. They have an embassy in Stockholm (if Sweden is 
important enogh for that country) and they will send someone to the 
Swedish foreign ministry to tell whome it may concern. Now all this is 
done in Bruxelles.

When and if English goes the same way as did French we will hear lots 
about the international cacophonie from around the world. But we who use 
the small insignificant languages like them a lot and prefer to use them 
if we can.

BUT the translation system in the EU (not the interpretations) is 
somtimes quite slow which leads to politicians from other countries 
reading materials in other languages (English - and sometimes French, 
depending wether it is an Italian or a Scandinavian). It is quicker that 

But languages is a large dose of politics as well. There is not only the 
knowledge that you have got to weigh in. I doubt for instance wether a 
Maltese politician will wait for a translation into maltese in stead of 
reading the English material in an urgent question...

And Irish?

And no, you cannot send anyone to the European Parliament who doesn't 
know English or French. I heard an item on our radio that some Social 
Democrats were learning French to be able to talk to the entourage in 

And if this cacophonie européenne is so maddening, why don't they all 
jast make an enormous stampede to the courses in Esperanto or Interlingua?

Kjell R