One of my interests - Old Saxon.  Does anyone know whether or not there are 
Old Saxon texts on the 'Net?


Wesley Parish

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005 17:17, Ingmar Roerdinkholder wrote:
> Another message I have to resend because of my daily limit was already
> exceeded...
> wordspil ("wordgame", "wordplay") = pun:
> ig föle mi rasend, ig wil krüsse worde mid di = I feel myself angry, I want
> to cross words with you = argue
> crossing words> in stead of <crossing swords>, just one S less ;-)
>  ("krüsse" is a verb here)
> Yes, krüsworde are real jigsaws, made complete by at least two pieces or
> more, from different languages, that
> fit nicely into eachother. Puzzling, isn't it?
> E.g.  the word for 'to play' is 'SPLEGE' in MS,   SP- from German spielen,
> Dutch spelen, LSax spölen,
> -PL- from English play, -LEG- from Danish lege, Sw leka.
> Of course I could have taken 'SPELE' or 'SPILLE', because Swedish has
> 'spela' and Danish 'spille' too,
> I think in limited, different meanings (children's play differentiating
> from playing cards/casino etc).
> As you saw above, the root spelen/spielen/spela/spille is represented in MS
> "spil" = game (in wordspil=pun).
> I was in Denmark visiting Legoland when I made up this particular
> crossword, and Lego comes from Da lege = to play.
> And I wanted a word that was a puzzle for the three different types of
> words.
> That's not always how it works in Middelsprake, many times I choose the
> form I like most, but sometimes I just have to cross the words...
>  Ingmar
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> >> Dare I ask ---
> >> Which of the "krüsworde", people found most puzzling?
> >> Do any of them inspire any of Ingmar's readers to say 'cross words'?
> >> Ingmar, if a Middelsprake speaker is feeling cross, and wants to have
> >> words with another, what does s/he say?  Have you solved those
> >> puzzles yet?
> >> How do you say 'pun' in Middelprake?
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> >> Tom H.C. in MI

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