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> Hello all,
> I've got the question what exactly 'creaky' vowels are. I've
> recently read that they sound somewhat 'harsh' because the
> throat is quickly and suddenly closed -- this is what I
> actually thought to be e.g. [A?] like. I've always thought
> "creaky" would mean with very much rough trembling in the
> voice. It's hard to describe when you don't know anything
> about the muscles in your throat like me. I recorded a
> sound file which can be found at
> for that
> reason.

You've got a pleasant voice, Carsten.

Well, from what I know, creakyness is a vibration of the throat made
when pronouncing vowels. They sound rough to me. Closing your throat
quickly after a vowel, but without vibration is more what a glottal
stop would be.

I tend to do what I believe is creaky voice when i'm doing a really
over the top "stoner/surfer" accent.

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