Aidan Grey <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> I'm willing to PDF it/them, if someone is willing to host the files
> (Though I'm happy to email it too). I work at Kinko's, and have
> access to a VERY fast scanner...I can scan everything in about 45
> seconds.... ;)

With my totally normal digital camera, I scan in < 1 second! :-)))

Just a joke, I think any scanner is better suited for the job. :-)
I'm still very interested in both documents, but I think it's a good
idea to make a bit copy instead of sending it around the globe
on paper.

Roger wrote:
> As to distribution far and wide-- possible copyright problems?? Though
> surely the published version of Tono.

If I can buy it in the book shop next door, I'll pay for it.
Otherwise, there can't possibly be a copyright, can there? :-)))