Stephen Mulraney wrote to me:
> OK, it's weeks old, so my offer may be of no use, but here goes anyway -

> On 6/4/05, Henrik Theiling <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Hi!
> > Roger Mills <[log in to unmask]> writes:
> > > 1. A while back there were a couple(?) people asking questions about 
> > > Moore
> > > (W.Africa). (Can't find the thread in the Archive, but it has to be
> > > there...) In the course of cleaning out my long-neglected shed, I 
> > > found:
> ...
> > > My copy is fading, and since there might be wider interest, I'm 
> > > willing to
> > > retype and either create a PDF and/or put it up on my website 
> > > temporarily.
> > > There are 2 or 3 Vietnamese words and Chinese characters that I won't 
> > > be
> > > able to handle (not important-- they're just tone names)
> > !!  Seems like some work!
> I agree with Henrik - hopefully you haven't put too much effort into it 
> yet.

No I haven't :-(((  The Moore paper, which I thought would be of interest 
only to one or two, is a clear Xerox, and I didn't plan on retyping it. I'll 
mail it to whomever asks first (I might be willing to make 1 or 2 xeroxes, 
but not a whole bunch, sorry). The Tonogenesis paper is of much greater 
interest IMO, even though old; but it's an old spirit-duplicate, very light 
blue to begin with, and with some rather serious dim patches (dim strips 
down a whole page, etc-- all the ills of that old process). Now that you 
mention it, I might try Xeroxing it at "darker" resolution, which might then 
produce a scan-able copy....Unfortunately my old scanner isn't compatible 
with this computer, and I haven't invested in a new one.

> Why not mail it to someone (such as me) who can scan it and PDFize it? Or
> is the fading too far advanced? I'm in Ireland, but you can probably save
> on mail costs by finding someone willing CONLANGer closer to home...
A good suggestion.  Any volunteers? (provided I can produce a legible copy).

As to distribution far and wide-- possible copyright problems?? Though 
surely the published version of Tono. would have been revised; my version 
was a class handout from the author himself. (And maybe Prof. M. isn't 
averse to a little illicit distribution-- after all, he xeroxed an entire 
book (which had best remain nameless) and sold the copies to the class at 
cost....A certain Univ. Press would not have been happy with that.)