First of all, sorry for the double post - for some reason, my outbox didn't 
save a copy of the first mail, and the list waited very long before 
confirming that it had been received, ...

>Hi Markus!  Tervetuloa takaisin! :-)

Thanks. I might soon get the reputation as the conlang lists most frequent 
on/off-swapping member. Since last time I left, I've developed, you might 
say, a passion for syntax. I am currently reading up on Lexical-Functional 
syntax, which I think might become my 'preferred' syntactical framework 
(until I come across something better).

> > Anyway, here's a draft of my current project, /br1AtEs\lE/
>Nice conlang name. :-)

Which causes me to wonder ... did I mention it back when it still only had 
the more anglified form <bryatic>? Its earliest draft existed back when I 
was here last time, but it lacked the syntactic depth it has today. (Most of 
which still isn't included in that pdf yet...!)

> >
>Ah, fodder!!  Thank you. :-)

Feedback and criticism is very welcome.

>Enjoy the list!

I am quite sure I will.

-- Markus Miekk-oja

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