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>Subject: Re: THEORY: Language for a Multi-Species Society: Non-SexBased 
>Gender Among AIs
>Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 22:26:03 -0000

>First, "Living" entities are those that can grow or spread or


>Sex-based genders will apply only to those that can spread and
>multiply, in the sense of, reproduce themselves.

if a rock breaks, going from being one rock, to being four rocks...?

>So "Living" entities that can only grow or spread, but not multiply,
>will be of "neuter" subgender.

how do you classify the fungus in the northern USA ?   it's a single 
organism, yet its bigger than a forest.

>The main subgender will be Feminine, which will apply to all entities
>which can "bear" young.  This will include asexually-reproducing
>organisms, and machines that can copy themselves.
>There will also be a subgender of Masculine, which will apply to any
>entity that can "fertilize" a Feminine entity

what about parasitic wasps?

>(cause/assist "her"
>to "bear" "young" that will then "resemble" both "her" and "him".)

the wasps lay eggs in living animals, and when the infant finishes eating, 
it emerges from the host - though it only looks like the egg-layer.

>contain Feminine entities; whereas, any entity that can reproduce
>itself without the help of another will be Feminine.