> Due to wrong reply-to it seems that most of us have missed some
> interesting posts that you cite here.

Luckily, that was all from a single post. I think I copied all of it. 

> >...
> > t'_j
> >...
> Typo?

Yup. =)

> Quite interesting phones.  Due to what L1 can your friend easily
> pronounce this? :-)

Her native language is English, but she was able to easily understand
the "weird" phonemes when I explained them to her. Any weirder,
though, and she gets lost. It was actually pretty fun to find the
right balance between "exotic" and "easy". It also helps that although
some of the phonemes are strange, in writing, a pronunciation will
suggest itself to readers. It doesn't matter much if readers pronounce
"sh" as a retroflex or not - they just need don't need to be confused
by it.

Sometime I'll have to ask the list about creating fictlangs, because I
think that they present some interesting challenges, especially if
you're creating them for someone else.

(I should add that gmail warning to my sig...)