Have you seen the following book about time in natural languages?

Just out:

The Language of Time: A Reader
Published: 2005 by Oxford University Press
Editors: Inderjeet Mani, James Pustejovsky, Robert Gaizauskas

A review:
"This reader collects and introduces important work in linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics on the use of linguistic devices in natural languages to situate events in time: whether they are past, present, or future; whether they are real or hypothetical; when an event might have occurred, and how long it could have lasted. In focussing on the treatment and retrieval of time-based information it seeks to lay the foundation for temporally-aware natural language computer processing systems, for example those that process documents on the worldwide web to answer questions or produce summaries. The development of such systems requires the application of technical knowledge from many different disciplines. The book is the first to bring these disciplines together, by means of classic and contemporary papers in four areas: tense, aspect, and event structure; temporal reasoning; the temporal structure of natural language discourse; and temporal annotation."

Might be worthwile in re Conlangs.

Regards, LEO

Leo J. Moser


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