Henrik Theiling wrote:

>>Nice.  Marking the "determiner" (or "article") -- a newish idea, to
>>me -- rather than either the verb or the noun (strategies I mentioned
>>in that post you referred to.)

> Oh, you don't need to go far: German and (Spoken) French do this.

> French:
>     Je vois l'homme.
>     [Z vwa  lOm]
>     Je vois les hommes.
>     [Z vwa lez Om]
>     -s on the noun is not pronounced (here), so the article is the
>     only place to infer the number.

Shhhh! Don't you see you're destroying my conlang when you mention that 
I subconsciously reproduced the system of determiners from my natlang?


Maybe I should think about spliting all this in two one way or another?

Ho, wait... I already did! The inalienable possession can't be expressed 
through a determiner when it's the possession of a rational entity 
(person and assimilated). You have to say:

**the mine friends

...instead of the too "europaish":

my friends

Now, I have to think hard what other aspect I can "expell" from the 
quantifiers and express through a qualificative in order not to look so 

Remi Villatel
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