Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> James Cummings wrote:
>> If one were to store what the basic unit of granularity should be for 
>> a particular text, where would one store this?  Let's say I want all 
>> searches on this text to return results of <div type="poem"> and in 
>> another <div type="scene">, is there an intelligible way I can store 
>> this so my xslt can pick it up on a document-by-document basis?
> makes me pretty nervous to fix in the text encoding what the granularity 
> should be,
> but how about using a PI? <?tei-granularity div?>

Though I always tend to avoid them, maybe this is an argument for using numbered 
divs?  So always return me the <div2> level?

Yes, I understand your nervousness about fixing it in the text.  Let's say for a 
particular implementation of delivery of a collection of said documents, we 
wanted to have it stored in a separate file.  One entry for each document in the 
collection.  Sort of a TEI databank of document descriptions for processing in 
this one specific application.  What would such a document look like?


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