Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> James Cummings wrote:
>> Though I always tend to avoid them, maybe this is an argument for 
>> using numbered divs?  So always return me the <div2> level?
> what if the document does not have <div>-like structure?

Then it should go in a different collection ;-)

>> .  One entry for each document in the collection.  Sort of a TEI 
>> databank of document descriptions for processing in this one specific 
>> application.  What would such a document look like?
> a pig's ear :-}

Yeah. I'm not really happy with that idea either.  But let's say we wanted what 
peter has just suggested.  you want to give the user the ability to display 
l/sp/scene in one document and l/lg/poem in another and s/p/section in another, 
but in the first two you want to also allow them to say l+4 above (or some other 
customisable query) etc.  That is, each document might have individual 
considerations which need to be taken into account for searching it differently. 
    Where should this logic be stored?  I'm happy to agree that it shouldn't be 
in the document, but also can see an argument that it shouldn't be hard coded in 
the xslt.  I don't want to force all my documents to look the same, because then 
I'm cementing them in a very false interpretation.

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