The Ecole nationale des Chartes (Paris, France) has just released a 
three new documents in XML/TEI on its website ELEC, the free online 
editions of the Ecole des Chartes (

The Obituary of Saint-Mont
Ms. Marie-José Gasse-Grandjean, researcher at the University of
Burgundy, publishes the first critical edition of this manuscript, along
with the document itself digitized by Metz public library (médiathèque
du Pontiffroy). The obituary, which has been dated 1406, was written for
Guillaume de la Perche, prior of Saint-Mont, in order to list the names
of all monastery benefactors and to celebrate their memory.
This nice "book of practice", not quite a «*nécrologe* », nor a calendar
nor a «censier» (liber censuum), is a unique source of information on
everyday life among a small monastic community depending on the Abbey of

The Formulary of Odart Morchesne (established according the manuscript
ms BnF fr. 5024)
This edition, prepared by Mr. Olivier Guyotjeannin, professor at the
École des chartes, and Mr. Serge Lusignan, professor at the University
of Montreal, with the help of students of the Ecole des Chartes,
contains about 270 models of acts which were useful for notaries and
secretaries working for the King of France in the XVth century. This
handbook is remarkable because the acts were annnotated by the author
himself. The richness of the vocabulary is also outstanding. This is why
the École des chartes will publish this document twice : there will be a
print version (to be published in the collection Mémoires et documents
de l’École des chartes) more convenient for reading and an electronic
version allowing to access and search the text.

Digital cartularies of the region Ile-de-France
The library of the École des chartes has a collection of early XXth
century editions of cartularies of the region Ile-de-France which
surrounds Paris.
This digitization project, supported by the French Ministry of
Education, has three aims:

    *to provide a digital facsimile of these rare editions which are
      not available in most libraries

    *to allow browsing through full-text acts and indexes and to
      provide a critical presentation of the edition (critical apparatus
      by the students of the Ecole des Chartes under the direction of
      Olivier Guyotjeannin)

    *to enhance digitization by providing access and search tools
      linking text and images, by creating tables for browsing, by
      allowing full-text search and the creation of personal data files.

The following editions are available on our site :
- Cartulary of the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Pontoise
- Cartulary of the Abbey of Notre-Dame de la Roche
- Cartulary of the royal Abbey of Montmartre
- Cartulary of the Abbey of Porrois
- Priory of Saint-Germain-en-Laye
- Liber testamentorum Sancti Martini de Campis
- Cartulary and censier (liber censuum) of Saint-Merry de Paris
- Cartulary of Saint-Spire de Corbeil

Best regards,
Gautier Poupeau,
Electronic publisher at the Ecole des chartes