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> > The only thing I have learnt in
> > English lessons is that on Thanksgiving, you eat Turkey. :-/
> It also customarily includes yams, cranberries, and stuffing
> made of cornbread.  Curiously, it is not certain that the Pilgrims
> ate turkey in 1621, since in the 17th century, "turkey" meant any sort
> of wild fowl.  They certainly did eat venison, though.

Our family doesn't like cornbread stuffing... no thanks. Regular bread
stuffing (or dressing as some places call it) is what we have (and
absolutely no raisins).

However we do eat sweet potatoes with apples (not as cloying and
wretchedly sweet as candied yams), turkey, and that wonderful yet made
entirely of canned ingredients dish, the green bean casserole. Some
places prefer pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie, other places have both
(sweet potato pie seems to be preferred in the south).

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