Carsten wrote:
> OBConlang: Are there special naming patterns in your
> conlangs? My Ayeri people go by happily with [family name]
> [first name(s)].

I'll throw out a shameless plug for Kamakawi names pages:

I haven't put up anything on last names yet, but the ideas was
to have like five, and everyone has one of these five names,
based on which village/tribe they came from originally.  I was
thinking of having it be (I hope this is a word) matrilinear.  (?!?)
I know there's a word for this: Where you take the last name of
your mother.

(Incidentally, regarding the "J" for Homer, I knew someone who
went by the letter "J".  His first name is Jeremy, but he insists on
being called "J" [and not "Jay"].)

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