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> > King Sejong's Hangeul system for Korean is supposed to be a
> > featurography, but I don't think it really is.
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> Hmm??  Errm, how close a look did you have?  The layout of the vowel
> letters (almost!) looks like an IPA vowel space map and the 
> are also obviously assigned by POA plus consonant modifications
> (e.g. 'plus one stroke') do the same thing to different letters
> (e.g. add voicing).  It's strange to me that you say that that 
> is not really featural.  It looks surprisingly featural to me and 
> very constructed.

I read
and now I agree with you.  I had never seen any such explanation 
before and had not noticed the system myself.

Up 'til I read your post, I had only seen such explanations as
together with assertions that this constituted "featurography".
It is that to which I was objecting; I don't think building syllable-
blocks out of symbols for consonants and vowels constitutes 
a "featural alphabet", nor even a "featural syllabary".  Since the 
syllable-block-construction was the only systematic component of 
Hangul of which I was aware, I said I didn't think it was quite as 
featural as it was made out to be.  I now see that I just needed 
the "jamo design" explained to me.

Thank you for educating me.

Tom H.C. in MI