tomhchappell wrote:
> Gary,
> I forgot to mention how much I like and appreciate the LOTEP (Loops, 
> Odd-crossings, Tips, Even-crossings, Pieces) method for ordering the 
> characters.

So do I. I have a few questions, though:

1. How does the LOTEP system handle dots? Do they count as a single
endpoint? What would the LOTEP number for (helvetica) |i| be - 00302 ?

2. Your second example on the page (the 22631 glyph) seems to have an
"angle" (discontinuity in the first derivative, if it were a curve). I
understand that angles are not counted as "Even crossings". Would it be
an idea to add an Angle count, defined as the number of points where
there is a discontinuity in the first derivative along a line (otherwise
just a 2-crossing - I mean that Odd and Even crossings don't count as