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> You have no idea how many Andersson (the Swedish spelling;
> Andersen is Danish/Norwegian) Johansson, Svensson and Larsson
> there are in Sweden!
> (FYI Jonnson is comparatively uncomon, or I would have changed
> my name...)

Johansson is the commonest of them all, but I wouldn't want to change. Certain
elements in my family would like to, but they - luckily as I see it - never
seem to get around to it.

One of the things that they'd consider changing to is Ernst, which, ironically,
is what we'd been named if my great-great-grandfather Johan Ernst had not
decided he did not want his children to have it, so he called the Johansson
instead. The reason for his dislike of the name was it's a soldier's name.

I suppose being named "Andreas Ernst" would help me getting taken for a German
in Germany ...