Tom Chappell wrote:

> What kind of calendar does your conlang and/or conculture include?

The classical Elvish calendar is lunisolar, based on the Metonic
cycle (19 years = 235 months).  There are 12 years with 12 months
and 7 years with 13 months in the 19-year cycle.  Each month lasts
from new moon to new moon, and New Year is on the first new moon
after the spring equinox.  The year 1 is 1823 BC, the legendary
date of the landtaking in the Isles.  The actual reference point
is the foundation of the _Theleca Tara_ (`High Table', a kind of
arbitration council to which all Elvish polities sent delegates)
in the year 815 BC, which was said to have happened "seven gross
years after the Landtaking".

> [calendar stuff (essentially a triple Metonic cycle) snup]
> What set of monomorphemic color terms does your conlang and/or
> conculture include?

So far, I have these:

_mor_ black; _la˝_ white; _thris_ grey; _cras_ red; _gal_ yellow;
_gver_ green; _lumb_ blue; _˝arn_ purple; _bran_ brown.

> [engelangy colour term system snup]
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> We've talked about anthroponymics;  I've just asked about calendars
> and colors.
> I should also ask about kinterms, since I've posted about them
> recently.

Not sufficiently worked out yet.