In Charan it depends on house, since the inheritance-laws,
incest-laws etc. also varies by house.

All for Taruven:

* Tom Chappell said on 2005-10-20 22:54:56 +0200
>    What kind of calendar does your conlang and/or conculture include?

The standard year is 576 standard days long, each day having 24 standard
hours, one standard hour being longer than "our" hours.

The calendar isn't more detailed than that yet apart from 5-day long
>    What  set  of  monomorphemic  color  terms does  your  conlang  and/or
>    conculture include?

Strictly speaking none of them are as they all end in |ar|, meaning
color, but if you mean basic color terms as in Berlin&Kay:

šiar black
vyar grey
fear white
yár "warm" (red + the *nars and kšar)
kiar red
var blue
mar green
linnar yellow
kenar brown
sennar orange
hfar violet (cold red-blue)
kšar lilac (warm red-blue)

Two colors not ending in |ar| is utarha, which is cyanish, bright and
shiny, very cold blue, and pan, which is a very dull, warm, absorbant

There is (so far) no word |nar|, so yellow, brown and orange are

>    I  should  also  ask  about  kinterms,  since  I've  posted about them
>    recently.

Parent is |faì|, grandparent is 2+faì (|ranfaì|), great-grandparent is 3+faì

Child is |tšan|, grandchild is 2+tšan (|rantšan|)...

Ego's sibling is |nan| or |þan|, 
ego's ancestors' siblings are <generations removed>+|nan|, 
ego's descendants' siblings are <generations removed>+|þan|.

That's as far as I have detailed it.