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> > Old Albic, in its own featural alphabet, is written bottom-to-top,
> > starting on the left side.
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> 1. Is Old Albic's featural alphabet available on-line?  Where?

Not yet.  Scanning a picture of it and uploading it to FrathWiki
is *definitely* on my to-do list, but so far I didn't come to
do it.

> 2. "Featural Alphabets" really intrigue me.  Alexander Melville
> Bell's "Visible Speech" system is the closest thing to a "Featural
> Alphabet" I've ever seen.
> King Sejong's Hangeul system for Korean is supposed to be a
> featurography, but I don't think it really is.

Why not?

> Something that had each "characteristic feature" denoted by a
> particular one of Gary's tinkertoys would be more of a "featural
> alphabet".
> Is anyone onlist aware of any "featural alphabets" predating the
> existence of the ConLang list?

Hangeul, and Tolkien's Tengwar (and, less clearly, Cirth).