Hi All,

I've been watching NHC.NOAA.GOV, and this morning's report showed that Wilma
had taken a larger 'hook to the west' prior to its anticipated swing towards
Florida.   As a result, it looks like Cozumel's going to get hit within the
next 12-24 hours.

As per report #21, the current best estimate for location between now and
7AM Friday is:

20.3N 86.9W 41 X X X 41
(translation:  41% of passing within 65nmiles of 20.3 N  - 86.9 W)

Cozumel airport is listed...
MMCZ 205N 869W 38 X X X 38   (38% chance of being within 65nm within next
~24 hrs).

Together, the two would appear to suggest that the center of Wilma will
pass just south of Coz (it was "just north" in Report #20 from 4AM this
morning) - - in any event, she's currently expected to strengthen, and looks
like has a "50/50" chance of being a CAT 5 by the time that she gets to Coz.

Chuck - - - hope your house makes it through OK.