> Tom Chappell wrote:
> What kind of calendar does your conlang and/or conculture include?
Pretty much world-wide on Cindu: their day = 25.3 Earth hours (25hrs, 18min, 
+ a tad more). The year is 464 days, divided into 16 months of 29 days. 
Each month has 4 7-day weeks, plus an unnumbered day in the middle. There 
are 3 leap years in every 19-year period.

Whether the Gwr had all this figured out back in the days when they used 
their octal system, I don't know.

> What set of monomorphemic color terms does your conlang and/or
> conculture include?

Kash terms:
Black: pambara, White: vanat, Red: šisu (violet šisombara, pink šisumik 
[-mik = little]); Yellow: šumo;
most of the others are derived: Grey kucalom < kuni 'color' + šalom 
'grey/overcast sky';
Blue: kundele ~tele (kuni + nele 'sky'), Green: kundroše ~troše (kuni + roše 

kunduhu 'a red, darker than šisu' (kuni +luhu 'blood')
kungoyor 'orange' (kuni + pangoyor 'an orange fruit')
pangorus 'tan' (I'm not sure what this comes from, but seems to be related 
to 'orange'....:-(( )
luhu kavatu (blood + Kavatu) a dark red/maroon, reserved to the Kavatu royal 
family. Other royal families probably have special reserved colors too.

> I should also ask about kinterms, since I've posted about them
> recently.
The system seems to resemble the US system :-(( No info on the Gwr; these 
are Kash terms:
Mother inde, Father ama, Parents indeyama; Child ana (...sinut ~andi male, 
..luma ~andum female); Gdfather otama, Gdmother otinde (ot- an old 
honorific for elders); G-gdfather/mother otambarok, otimbarok (+marok 'old') 
G-G-gdparents et seq. otambarok/otimbarok sila/ha... (+ 3,4...)
Brother: mambre, Sister: suya
Uncle (FaBro) mambrama (brother+father), (MoBro) mambrinde;
Aunt (FaSi) suyama, MoSi suwinde (suya 'sister+...')
Cousin: tiša; Nephew anambre, Niece anasuya (these two aren't quite right, 
are they...)

Husband: kašama ~šama (person+father), Wife kašinde ~šinde; Spouse in genl: 
kanjetre (agt.noun < cetre 'to marry')

Foster (perhaps also step-) child: ana lolan (+protect); orphan: ana unayo