On 10/26/05, João Ricardo de Mendonça <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Is this surname-into-given-name thing common in other countries as
> well?

It's pretty common in the US. For instance, Addison is a popular first name
for girls. My last name, Reed, is a common first name as well. CNN anchor
Anderson Cooper is a famous example - I would not blink if I were introduced
to a Cooper Anderson, either.

I can't recall ever hearing about an American called Washington

Washington Irving?

but in Brazil it doesn't raise any eyebrows anymore. It seems that
> when an American wants to pay homage to George Washington, he names
> his son George, and not Washington. Is this so?

Not really, because George is a very common name that doesn't, in general,
bring Washington to mind.

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